Asia FinTech Alliance


The Asia FinTech Alliance (AFA) is a member-driven, independent, and collaborative organization igniting FinTech excellence and shaping the future of finance across Asia.

Jointly initiated and launched by prominent FinTech associations of ten countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, AFA aims to foster further financial innovations with new technologies, enhance the growth of FinTech ecosystem, and facilitate the development of a supportive regulatory environment in Asia and beyond.



To assist FinTech startups in ASEAN to expand their operations into new markets and global expansion in terms of talent acquisition, market access to capital, and scaling up their businesses.


To encourage the adoption of FinTech solutions by financial institutions and businesses across various industries.


Facilitate the development of a supportive regulatory environment for FinTech companies.


Enhance the growth of FinTech ecosystem in Asia by providing funding, mentorship, events and networking opportunities.


Advocate for the use of technology to improve financial inclusion and financial literacy.


Promote the use of emerging technologies in financial services such as blockchain.


Improve cybersecurity measures to protect FinTech companies from cyber threats.

Consumer Protection

Encourage the development of responsible innovation that prioritizes consumer protection and data privacy.


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